Zodiac Controversy...


Supposedly the first few Weeknd tracks “What You Need,” “Loft Music” and “The Morning (Original Version).” which were the ones that originally brought The Weeknd international attention, were all produced by this guy Zodiac. But he received NONE of the credit! Zodiac apparently also came up with the name the weekend before it became the Weeknd after Abel and Zodiac’s split. Zodiac, also, apparently gave Abel (the rapper half of the Weekend) his artist direction of the darker, grittier R & B style that he has become associated with and helping popularize all of the past two years.

I firmly believe that there is no good rapper without a good producer. All of the great hip hop songs I’ve heard usually have a great beat supporting the vocals. And rappers are no better then their producers, so if this is true then Abel Tesfaye has a lot to be thankful for and should own up to no crediting Zodiac here.

It looks like Zodiac is trying to move past this incident though. He is putting out a self-titled EP under Jacques Greene‘s label at the end of the September. You can hear one of those tracks in the latest TNGT mix here:

Look out for the EP on Vase September 24th.

Check out more of his tunes at his soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/zodiacbeat

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