Wolfgang Gartner Went There…But He̵...

Space Junk and Illmerica were some of the 2011 releases that we just couldn’t stop hearing or playing.  Wolfgang’s 2011 tour stops included his own crazy stage production, along with his regularly amazing mixing talent.  But regardless “Weekend In America” although pleasing to the masses, was not the best piece of collective work we have seen from this artist.  Flooded with Will.I.Am vocals and other undesirable traits, we at The Drop were waiting for him to return to his throne as king of the American Electro DJs.  Perhaps his first track of 2012 seats him right back up there, perhaps it doesn’t, but regardless it is a step in the right direction.  “There And Back” as the track is entitled may be showing Wolfgang’s realization after great public outcry that he needs to stick to his roots and produce what he knows best, going commercial is simply unnecessary.  With the old school heavy bassy Gartner sound being featured in this track, I’ll go on record when I say, I am satisfied, check it out and expect big things from Wolfgang in 2012!

Purchase: “There And Back” – Wolfgang Gartner on Beatport now (Out on iTunes February 14th)