Wolfgang Gartner feat. Omarion- Still My Baby...

Wolgang Gartner’s new album, “Weekend In America,” finally released yesterday on beatport and although we know some of the classics like “Illmerica” and “Menage A Trois,” I thought I would share a track that I personally loved called “Still My Baby.” Wolfgang Gartner, along with producers like Skrillex, is one of those artists who seems to have no limits when it comes to his expansion into the music realm. He is finding artists from all over the scene using R & B, Rap, and Pop singers in multiple tracks on the album. “Still My Baby” has a great sound, a real electro bass that has some funky electronic synths come in and is then accompanied by some great vocals by Omarion. I really love what Wolfgang Gartner is doing for the music enthusiasts out there. He really is just accentuating the idea that DJs/Producers in the EDM world are shaping the way mainstream music will be heard. People get ready because the new generation of sound is here and Gartner is one of the main proponents of it.


Wolfgang Gartner feat. Omarion- Still My Baby (Extended Mix)

Download: Wolfgang Gartner feat. Omarion- Still My Baby (Extended Mix)