When Life Gives You Boys Noize + Erol Alkan&#...

…you make Lemonade.  Or at least last time this dynamic duo teamed up that’s what they did.  Everyone knows Boys Noize and Erol Alkan’s work together is unparalleled in quality, with previous hits being Death Suite, Waves, Avalanche and of course the timeless Lemonade.  For everyone who knows me, you know that new Boys Noize EP release days are like Christmas, and when you slap Erol’s name on the release its like that Christmas when your 16 and know your getting a car.  Their latest effort is perhaps my favorite collaboration they have ever done.  Roland Rat, the first track, is a tribute to the Roland Synthesizers Boys Noize is so fond of, showing the dynamic ability of Mr. Ridha’s favorite machine to make hard hitting acid beats just as well as melodic entrancing sounds.  And just when you think it couldn’t get any better you move to track 2, Brain Storm.  One of the best parts about seeing Boys Noize live is not just hearing his repertoire of old classics, because they always sound so fresh, but he has an immense library of secret tracks and sounds from all over the BNR (Boys Noize Records) realm.  Isobe and I have been calling Brain Storm “Secret BNR” for about 2 years now seeing as that’s how long Boys Noize has been teasing this track.  Honestly it could be excitement, or 9 amazing memories of hearing this then unreleased gem live, but this could be my favorite Boys Noize track after Jeffer.  Two amazingly distinct drops that make you move and grove and once again display Boys Noize and Alkan’s pure magical chemistry.  Preview these tracks below off of the BNR soundcloud and then hit up beatport to download this exclusive release, you will not regret it!

Purchase: Boys Noize + Erol Alkan’s Roland Rat/Brain Storm [Boys Noize Records]

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