[Weekly] HumpDay DumpDay- 3 Tracks You May Or...


Coming from the same label as the famous Chase & Status, “MTA,” Ben Pearce has really set the UK a light in the last few months.  His track “What I Might Do” has immediately gained a reputation of a club hit and is being used by DJ’s all around the UK.  The vocals take the focal point (look at me rhyming!), however the bass is heavy and proves to work perfectly with the lyrics. Although it’s not your average upbeat house song, “What I Might Do” slows it down, but still provides the catchy rhythms and vocals that makes it a real jam. A club mix and radio edit have been provided in the EP along with three remixes. Check it out! It wont disappoint.


Multiple artists have tried it and multiple artists have failed, however, when it comes to mixing House and Hip-op, I think we may finally have a winner. The French duo Amine Edge & Dance have blown up in recent months with their unique style of House music. One of the most popular tracks “Going to Heaven with the Goodies Goodies” uses a sample from the Biggie song “Hold Ya Head”
(who the hell wouldn’t like that!). The song provides a groovy Deep House mood, but will also get you bumping in any environment. Make sure to give this a listen if your ready to see a different side to Notorious!


Ah the mystery that is Route 94. While being frequently featured on Skream and Bengas BBC Radio 1 radio there is still no answer to who this mystery alias is or are. However, maybe not knowing could prove to be better! The track “Window” keeps it real with repeating vocals and a multiple different rhythm’s to keep you guessing. Take a listen to Route 94’s BBC Radio 1 mix here

There are many rumours to whom Route 94 may be, my guess is they’re going to be linked with Scream and Benga, but I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.