[Unsigned] Hurt Everybody – Hurt Everyb...

Hurt Everybody, an emerging hip hop trio from Chicago have released their highly anticipated and creatively named initial EP,Hurt Everybody,this past 4th weekend. The trio consisting of Supa Bwe, Carl and Mulatto Beats, have put together a (FREE!!!) 17-track project that is sure to be one of the best of the summer. Some favorites include: ‘In Seoul‘ (a great introductory track to the trio; think Funkadelic triggering 808s), ‘Anibus City‘ (a trappy track dominated by highly infectious lyrics) and ‘Transmissions‘ (the wavy bassline and Carl’s “hiiggggh” shrieks make this one unforgettable). The total package itself oozes elements of the psychedelic, funk rap sub-genre that Chicago has been brewing up for the mainstream since last summer’s champion Chance the Rapper. Get to know Hurt Everybody as you will be constantly hearing their tracks as the summer progresses.

To find out more about the up and coming rappers, check out this interview done by my friend @FreddyMummix:

- @GeorgeLiquorUS