[Turbo Recordings] Clouds – Ghost Syste...

Clouds, for those who are imagining the white fluffy things in the sky, is a techno outfit from Perth, Scotland. I’ve had my eye on them for awhile, way back when they were outputting alongside Blood Music’s Ado on soundcloud. Well after being picked up by Turbo Records and continuing their stream of steady releases and shows, they’ve lead us to their first album out on Turbo titled Ghost System Rave. To give you an idea of the quality of the album, Mixmag named it its album of the month and it beat out Daft Punk’s album in scoring! After listening to it, its easy to see why.

The two producers have managed to hold true to the genre conventions of an album by creating an exclusive entertaining experience. You enter the album and are guided through the sonic journey that differs from Clouds’ normal club minded releases. It’s hard to describe what exactly you’re listening to at points but this only further intrigues the listener as industrial sounds and seemingly discordant noises are blended by the monstrous sub-heavy kicks and basses that help characterize Clouds’ retrospective take on techno in the 21st century. Whether you are familiar or not, give this album a listen and appreciated the package they have put together to entertain our ears.

Give the full album a listen on Spotify today.

- S