Total Recall...

Last night, in the middle of watching the Heat walk away with another win, I saw the trailer for the shit-looking Colin Farrell remake of the shitty (in an 90′s endearing kind of way though) Arnold Schwazenegger Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall.



I suppose that movie studios/writers are just incapable of thinking of anything new anymore. My first notion of this was when the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was announced. I do not know why the money had to be spent to remake a movie that was released TWO YEARS before but whatever. Rooney Mara was hot so it was worth my time. Colin Farrell however, isn’t nearly as stunning, interesting or beautiful as Rooney Mara or the remake of GWTDT. So, I fail to see what is attractive about the the Total Recall movie.

Seeing this trailer did however, remind me of the Flosstradamus EP titled ‘Total Recall’ that came out earlier this year under Mad Decent’s Jeffrees label. The best way to describe this Chicago-based group’s refined sound is “Trap House”. You’ve heard me speak of artists with similar sounds such as Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and TNGHT. The great thing about southern rap such as Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka is the fact that they have such infectious and dance-able beats, so these artists have all honed in on this sound and made it the main focus of their tracks. So Flosstradamus has taken this sound and added space-like synths to it, creating this fusion that I am coining “Trap House”. I love it, I think this sound has a chance to mature into a brand new recognized sub-genre of EDM much like moombahton. Give it a listen and tell me if you agree.

No embedding for the EP :( however the EP is free to download so go listen and if you like it, download it!

Total Recall Streaming

Total Recall Download

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