THUMP Presents: The Making of Pretty Lights N...

VICE’s exclusive electronic music channel, THUMP, recently put out a documentary based on Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, new album “A Color Map of The Sun.” The documentary delves into the artist’s unique style, and the intricacies that have gone into developing his forthcoming album, which will be released officially on July 2nd. The film was shot over a two year period following Pretty Lights through his travels throughout New Orleans to New York City, showcasing many of the musicians and vocalists that were essential in bringing this album to the forefront. I’d  like to add that the album used no samples, and helps show the true musicianship that Pretty Lights emanates.

After spending an entire year putting together “A Color Map of The Sun,” composing, playing, and recording musicians and vocals that mimic an array of genres not normally associated with electronic dance music, it is finally ready for the world to hear. The whole album was later pressed into a fresh vinyl along with a custom built analog modular synth. A combination of soulful, Electro Hip-Hop is the synergistic result of this analog Electronica album. PLM’s creative director, Krystle Blackburn, followed Pretty Lights from the streets to the studio, documenting the vision and hard work that went into making this record a reality.

“The most important thing to me is that I made a record that I am incredibly proud of,” said Derek Vincent Smith/Pretty Lights. “When it’s all said and done it’s about the music, obviously, but with this record, the process was so unique I really wanted people to be able to get a glimpse of how it was made.”

Well said, and I think that even as a commercial artist, Pretty Lights is a true musician at heart and is always taking innovative steps to alter and enhance the electronic music scene as well as music in general. The documentary is a testament to Pretty Light’s immense integrity as a electronic icon, and also helps to spur other artists to test out their talents with both film and music. Make sure to check the documentary out above, and enjoy!