For Michael Jackson’s single Bad, which turns 25 this year, (August 31, 1987 if you want to know) Pepsi commissioned A-trak, Afrojack, Diplo and Skrillex (basically the first four current pop-electronic DJ’s they googled I’m sure.) to remix select tracks from the Bad album. This is basically a confirmation from the pop music world that dance/electronic music is now being respected as a music genre capable of mass appeal. Which is cool. Though I’m sure backfire will ensue on both sides: from die-hard electro fans for the crossover and from die-hard MJ fans who are angry at the modern re-imagining/warping of MJ’s classic. I can sympathize with both parties but at the end of the day, it’s a cool concept but people are going to forget about the issue when something else comes along in a week anyways.

Enjoy the choon in the meantime. It’s suuuuper copyright protected so here’s a youtube video.

- S

Source: Ad Age