The Hacker- Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)...

For all those who did not make it to Ultra this past weekend, or for those of you who did and dont know music well enough to realize the god that Gessafelstein is then let me introduce the French producing machine to you now. He was most definitely my favorite set at Ultra by far, and you want to know why? Because his music literally makes your body unable to resist dancing/moving, and that’s what EDM is all about. He opened his set with his infamous original “Viol” which pumps the bass so hard that you literally think your ear drums may explode (in a good way of course). Gesaffelstein released a remix of The Hacker’s track ‘Shockwave’ on Monday, and I distinctly remember it being dropped in his set. The track is dark, but so lucid in the sense that it hits you and you feel in control, but can suddenly lose yourself completely in it as well. Once you hear “ecstacy,” you know your going to be taken for a journey. Gesaffelstein is definitely the artist to be on the look out for, especially after teaming up with Brodinski and showing his face around Bromance Records. Please listen, learn, and love this new remix pronto!


The Hacker- Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)