The Drop Media’s One’s To Look Ou...

If you havent already heard of the young up and coming duo from the UK, Disclosure, well then you’re in for a huge treat. In our recent interview¬†with Dubstep legend, Benga, he chose these guys as his young artist to look out for in the future of dance music. The individual style and unique lounge, house feel of their music puts your spirits in a twist of uplifting and laid back feelings. Before I go any further I just want you to let your ears take a listen to some of the tracks I personally love, and then below is their latest original track that they just released today!

The duo’s latest track is titled ‘Latch’and has a sweet sensual male vocal from Sam Smith that slowly pulls you into a lull of musical harmony. Tranquility and ecstasy is really the only thing you’ll be hearing out of your speakers after taking even a minute to listen to any one of Disclosure’s beautifully articulated productions. Definitely stay up on their latest by following their Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud and enjoy these beats!