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The Drop Media wants all of you to know about a rising star, who we feel has not received enough personal recognition for his productions. dBerrie, a young 24 year old, from just outside NYC has made massive strides in becoming a household name in the EDM world. The man has proven to be quite the master at some heavy progressive house and tech house productions. He has been touring around Miami, Mexico, Texas, and New York. My first encounter with dBerrie was when I was working over at Pacha NYC, and he was debuting. The guy has come a long way, and its because of pure persistence and passion towards his music. Dropping out of school to pursue his dreams, and now hes touring around the globe making people dance and lose themselves in dance music. The best part about this article for you guys is that we were lucky enough to get a chance to interview the rising star, and see where his heads at in terms of his career and his views on the industry as a whole. Check out down below both the interview and plenty of tracks to go around. dBerrie did us one better too, he has at the bottom of the tracks that are streamed, a mix exclusively for The Drop Media. So download at will and enjoy! Also if you are feeling his music, which I know you all will, please show him some love by following his fan pages below!


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The Drop Media (TDM): First off, thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at The Drop Media. We are really excited to talk with you today since you have busted out into the EDM scene pretty recently and have been blowing up rapidly. How’s about you start off with a little introduction about yourself, where you’re from? What’s your story about how you started Dj’ing/producing? When did it change from a hobby to your career path?

dBerrie: Thanks for having me, My name is David Berrie and I produce and DJ under the name ‘dBerrie.’ I grew up in Englewood, NJ and started DJing when I was around 15 yrs old. Got my first paid jobs really in college playing top 40 at local bars, kept building my name at different venues till a certain point people were really impressed and started requesting me from different cities, that’s when I started taking it seriously. 

TDM: What drew you to musical production?  What’s your musical background?

dBerrie: I grew up being forced into classically trained piano and violin lessons but I never really got into it. Definitely regret it now.

TDM: I am always curious, being an avid EDM listener, what type of music do you love to listen to? Anything that is different from the style of music you produce? I feel like people have a real misconception about EDM DJ’s listening solely to EDM music.

dBerrie: True, Everything from Pink Floyd to what I would call ‘Golden era’ hip hop would be something you could find on my iPod, if I owned one.

TDM: Yes! Great to hear, and I hope by “Golden era” your talking about the real days of Hip Hop back in the early to mid 90s. Well here at The Drop Media, we always ask our artists (considering our name) if you could choose one of your tracks: original or remix, which one has the hardest hitting drop?

dBerrie: I think for most producers it would have to be their last produced track, with the assumption that with each track you become better and better. So I’d have to say my Gotye remix.

TDM: I definitely agree, if each production wasn’t building upon each other there would be no way to differentiate yourself. Building off this question of your productions, how does your creative process work exactly when it comes to your productions? It seems artists each have their own structure for conceptualizing a production, forming the track and in many cases deciding whether a track is really worth continuing or abandoning fully.  Do you find yourself having to make that decision? How do you come to a conclusion?

dBerrie: Luckily everything at the moment I choose to work on is from my own personal choice. So when I hear a song that I potentially would want to remix I instantly know where I want go with it. A huge part of being a great producer is having a solid direction when making a track.

TDM: We have noticed that a lot of your productions have a great mix of progressive and tech house. Seeing as those are pretty distinct sounds, how does your production process work incorporating those two genres?

dBerrie: Well I enjoy listening to both progressive and tech house, so I can’t say I do it on purpose I guess it just happens to come out.

TDM: Even better in my opinion when your creative process can just happen without an ultimate goal in mind. So getting more into the technical side of your productions, what is your Production setup like? Your DJ setup?

dBerrie: On the production side I use Ableton with minimal hardware, and on the DJ side I use Traktor with 2 X1 midi controllers.

TDM: Who is another artist you feel you most relate to in terms of your music?

dBerrie: I would like to think that I could most relate to the Swedes because everything they put out is massive.

TDM: Completely agree with you on that. The Swedes and the Dutch have their productions on lock it seems. You can’t really mistake a Swedish or Dutch producer these days. If you could choose the next artist to do a song with, whom do you think you would like to work with?  If you could work with any deceased artist?

dBerrie: I would love to work with any of the artists I’ve remixed. Adele, Ellie Goulding, Florence and the Machine, Gotye, that would be a dream.

TDM: Well at the rate your going with all of these productions, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get the opportunity pretty damn soon! Digging deeper into your creative sides as an artist, how intricate is the production process for you? How long does it take for you to finish a remix?

dBerrie: If I have a solid direction on average to finish a track would take me around 2 days and then maybe a week of fine-tuning the mix and master.

TDM: You had informed us previously that you were getting many of your tracks linked up with Sony Music. Can you go into more detail about that, and what this means for your future productions?

dBerrie: Well I once did a Chris Brown remix for an A & R on spec meaning for free and they were so impressed with it they starting coming to me with other work. So I guess I just built a good relationship through the music, which is great. Hope for more work to come.

TDM: Music speaks for itself, and additionally it seems you have an entrepreneurial and charismatic personality that combines to make quite the match for record labels like Sony. There’s one thing I constantly hear from many EDM followers and that is that America is not up to par with Europe on the EDM scene. Being from New York City, I personally think, at least from standpoints of New York, Miami, California, that this is a false statement. What’s your take on this idea and do you think its true? And if so do you think the EDM scene will hit all of the United States eventually?

dBerrie: I most definitely think EDM scene hit the US, not just the music but the culture as well. There are many facets to the EDM world though, so for instance I would say the underground techno scene hasn’t hit the US as it has in Europe, but I think that will change soon.

TDM: Yes that’s so true. Even after our experience at The BPM Festival it was apparent that the underground tech genre has not hit the US, because to be honest there were many artists I personally had no ideas about. Being introduced to that style of dance music really opened up our own horizon on EDM and I hope that the US gets to feel this way eventually too. Anyway, 2012 is here, and before the world ends, lets hear about some future tracks to come, or what our viewers can be anticipating in the near future from dBerrie? If the world happens to not end though, what’s your outlook on a year from now? 5 years? 10 years?

dBerrie: Have a big official remix coming out on Interscope with a huge artist, also recently finished a few new originals that will hopefully release in March on labels TBA. My outlook from a year to 40 years from now is I just hope to be able to listen, make, and play music that I truly love for many, many people.

TDM: The answer any true artist would give, I love it. We met you at the beginning of the year down in Mexico at BPM Festival. Where we all got the chance to hang out with some notorious figures in the EDM scene. How was BPM Fest for you? Any plans to head down there again for the next one.

dBerrie: BPM I have to say is one of my top 3 events to attend during the year (right up there with WMC and ADE in Amsterdam). So yes I most definitely will be there next year.

TDM: Awesome! I can say that The Drop Crew will be out in full stride next year for sure. Ok, last question I swear but ever think you would be interested in coming out to good ole Winston Salem, North Carolina and help raise awareness of the EDM scene out here?

dBerrie: Set up a date and the BBQ’s on me!