The Bloody Beetroots- Rocksteady–Dem Sl...

The newest Bloody Beetroots track ‘Rocksteady’ is already a monster of its own, with high energy and constant hard hitting bass with their classic warping sounds; Its a track to bump whenever your ready to get rowdy. Now out of the respect for this legendary group of guys, Mumbai Science and Dem Slackers went in on the remix.

Dem Slackers, a 20 year old producer from out in the Netherlands, is setting quite the tone with this massive remix. He has provided us with some hard bass that will stick with you after you hear it. Once we hear the vocals whisper, “Rocksteady” you already know your headed on a heavy, hard hitting journey of musical energy. The breakdown will take you by surprise though, but if you like that rubbery bass then this is exactly what your looking for. He really knows how to add in those small elements that can really complete a track. He’ll make it feel like a hard electro remix, but then throw in some progressive house synth work and make you forget what song you were listening to. Take a listen and hear for yourself.

Now Mumbai Science keeps the integrity of the original’s beginning buildup, but throws in a little twist. Out of no where this shit drops into a fast paced, techno explosion of sounds coming from all different directions. Seriously this is some schitzo friendly music for all you heavy ravers out there. Great to see Mumbai Science back on their grind again, hopefully they keep producing magic like this. Check it out and download both remixes off beatport!