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So all of us behind The Drop Media, specifically The Drop Crew of myself, Spurge and Cuervo, have come up with some ideas for each day of the week to keep you all happy, stimulated, and full of fresh new sounds to listen to! This week and every week hereafter on Wednesdays we will be holding our “HumpDay DumpDay” post, which will be written each week by a different member of The Drop Crew. This week its my turn to show you my personal style of music that I think you’ll definitely enjoy.

The first track is actually a two for one deal, the original and Edu Imbernon & Coyu remix of ‘Replicants.’ Both of these releases are of a darker, more tech house nature. They deliver a great tempo and errie sound that makes you feel like your out in the dark alleys just dancing around with anyone whos there to hear it. In my opinion I think the remix is the better choice, but both are most definitely worth a purchase on beatport below, so use the link if you would like to show your support. The remix though, just to go a bit further has a much heavier sounding bass in my opinion, and even kicks up that darkness to the next level.

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Now if your a fan of some Disco House like I am, then you are going to be hooked on Poka’s track ”99 Style.’ A hugely french, Disco House flavored song that brings all the upbeat, dance feelings into your body. Living out in London right now, I have a much fonder appreciation for the euro, Disco House that comes out and I must give a shout out to French Express for releasing this one on their French Express Vol. 2.

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This next track is so sexy and deep I haven’t stopped bumping it since I got it on my Itunes. ‘Let It Go’ by UK based producer, Huxley, is a soothing explosion of fantastical and uplifting deep house beats. If this song doesnt make you “lose your mind” I dont know what would, maybe some Tiesto?

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Next is another Deep House gem, from the duo known as Catz ‘n Dogz. ‘They Frontin’ is just what I want to hear in a deep house set, the right amount of bass to keep your body swerving while still having a chill time. If you didnt already know their full Polish names are Grzegorz and Wojciech but you can call them Greg and Voitek. The two spin anywhere from Disco to Deep to Techno all in one go, quite the diversity of sound they put into their productions. This track really is a great one to kick it to, but also to party to all in one sweet package.

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The next track on the list is Sleepyhead and Flubba’s collaboration ‘Dboy Pushin.’ Repped by our boys over at Bass Squad, the two have concocted quite the tropical, dark, but yet so funky production. The style is unique and definitely not your generic house thats been coming out lately. Just listen and you’ll know what I mean..

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Next up is a new remix from Maison & Dragen, and its of a classic song from back in the 90′s called ‘Children’ by Robert Miles. The original goes back to our deep trance days, but this new remix from M&D is full of massive, progressive house flavor. These guys are always making some serious remixes, so check out their pages as well!

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Pure dance is the best way I can describe what you’re about to hear next for my HumpDay post. George Fitzgerald just blows up the dance floor with his distinct kick drums and his heavy symbol induced synth work, I feel ‘like a child’ just discovering my first beats! Deep House is finally starting to flourish as the year goes on, and I intend to help it in every way I can. Shout out to Bob Gravity for the hook up with this track, and enjoy!

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I needed to drop this song on the post because TNGHT (aka Hudson Mohawke & Lunice) have been absolutely destroying it with their new sound. Hard hitting bass, just imploding your ears with musical destruction. Bum, Bum, Bum, Bum, the beast is coming and its safe to say this track indeed calls for you to get ‘Higher Ground’ just to escape the monstrous bass. As we say in jolly ole England, CHEERS MATES!

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I thought I’d maybe end my post with a track that brings out all the funky, chill vibes. This next one is a Nu Disco track by Anna Lunoe and Flume called ‘I Met You.’ Beautiful vocals go so well along a funky bass line and pulsating melodies that are just itching to drop and smack the dancefloor with happy, uplifting feelings. All you need to do is lean back slow, and come back forward even slower, keep that going and your dancing to this song just right. I hope you enjoyed my rendition of this weeks Weekly Wednesday, or what we like to call our ‘HumpDay DumpDay’ where we give you a plethora of tracks that each of us personally know and love.

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