[TDM Weekly] Music Video : Flight Facilities ...

This may be new for many of you, but as part of our weekly series, every Thursday we present to you, the music video of the week. At TDM, we want to celebrate, not only the producers of music but those who take the time to create such beautiful visual representations of some of our favorite songs. With electronic music especially, where the music can be interpreted so widely, there’s a certain freedom with videos so that you can find some very exciting videos that accompany the songs we love to listen to.

So, our first video to start us off is Flight Facilities’ Foreign Language.

Flight Facilities – Foreign Language from Dimitri Basil on Vimeo.

Taking note from FF’s 70′s influenced disco tunes, director Dimitri Basil has created a video that could be the introduction to a 70′s cop drama series. Many conventions such as the beautiful bikini-clad babe, the multi-racial partnership of the two protagonists, the wiry menacing antagonist, the montage of dialogue and action shots muted by the music and of course the much need high angle ocean shots all appear in the video, making me wish I could take a trip to this 70′s location. Basil is able to tell a story and establish character relationships in the five or so minutes he has without any actual dialogue too. This is a gorgeous and innocently cheeky look at life in the 70s through the eyes of television and based on my own past viewing experience is accurately portrayed. Well done Basil!

- S


Decided to drop in Julio Bashmore’s latest music video for his release “Husk.” The song is great, the video is well, interesting….but very artsy so if you’re into that then im sure it will be pretty sweet. I enjoyed it at least.