You can really tell when someone is bored. Even after that disaster that was Mac & Devin,(the all holy IMDB gave it 2 stars…probably for the soundtrack)
Snoopie loops a.k.a. gin & juice a.k.a. snoop dogg a.k.a. snoop a.k.a. snoop lion a.k.a the prodigal son? a.k.a. smokes too much weed is apparently releasing a film about his adventures smoking weed in Jamaica, “finding Jah”, “becoming a lion?”, (freebie alert! the entire tarzan 2 movie is in the recommended videos. what a steal!) hanging out with diplo, smoking weed with diplo, hanging out with natives, smoking weed with natives, reminiscing on the past, forgetting his thoughts because he’s too high…you see where this is going. People are going to see the movie and feel like they know snoop dogg a little bit better. What’s there to know? We all know that guy, one just like snoop, who, in honestly, isn’t that interesting, so they base their life around weed. They go get woven banners of elephants to put in their room, listen to too much bob marley & sublime and start spending hundreds of dollars on assorted bongs and other smoking devices.

I’ve never understood that last one. THIS right here is THE most effective way to smoke…tobacco products… and it costs you about $5 to make and the best part is when the cops come check your house because your neighbors, lawn guy and the jehovah’s witnesses have all been complaining about the mysterious odor emit from your house, you can easily smash it and not cry because you were forced to destroy modern “artwork”. Food for thought? That sound like such a stoner line “food for thought”.

Anyways, peep the trailer for this “uplifting” documentary and here’s his song La La La and it’s music video counterpart.

Even if this is just snoop’s venting to boredom or midlife crisis or whatever, this song, specifically the production, is actually pretty decent…mad decent.

- S

HOLD UP. Apparently Snoop Dogg thinks he’s the reincarnation of Bob Marley? How is that possibly if he was alive when Bob Marley was alive? Unless…this Snoop is from the future and the real Snoop is stuck in the past…or possibly just Baltimore . Who knows.