Skizzy Mars- No Curfew...

Skizzy Mars, aka Myles Mills, from out here in New York City is building up his repertoire and has demonstrated quite a surge of swag with his latest originals. This new one hes got takes things a step further to the point that I think it represents the conglomeration of electronic music and hip hop. It’s only a matter of time before everyone is writing raps off eclectic EDM beats, and Skizz is at the forefront of it all. Still hard at work on his mixtape, Phases, the young rapper is trying to put together the mecca of albums to release to the public that will be sure to push him straight into the spotlight.

No Curfew by SkizTheRapper

The track itself, ‘No Curfew’ has this slow, melodic beat with a smooth lyrical display from Skizzy. The thing that makes Skizzy’s music worth listening to is not simply the skill and talent of his rapping, but its his ability to tell stories and reach out to a wider audience. There is something special about young Skizz, and after hearing his music you’ll all know. Check out the latest from young Skizzles and taste the rainbow.