“Shave It” Remixes by Kaskade and...

Zedd’s track “Shave It” is such a massive track on its own I am not surprised that Kaskade and Tommy Trash decided to go in on their own interpretation of the song. The bass is so heavy in the original, getting you more pumped up then you can imagine. Tommy Trash’s remix changes up the buildup a bit, providing more synths to bring a bit more finesse to the drop. His drop completely changes from the original, but in great ways. It’s a poppy, Electro House extravanganza that takes a bit away from the hard hitting bass in the original but still flows so well. The grunge of it really gets me, the bass is like an animal of some sort just growling with intensity. Kaskade’s remix again changes up the buildup from the original. He slows it up, making it have the feel of a Progressive House track, but wow does that drop totally “drop” that thought. This is really the first time I have heard Kaskade take his sound to a more dubby style. The drop just engulfs you with its warp-like synths and heavy bass. All of these tracks are worth a download, so definitely give them a listen.


Zedd- Shave It (Tommy Trash Remix)

Zedd- Shave It (Kaskade Remix)

Zedd- Shave It (Original Mix)