Sante & Sidney Charles “Blow”...

When friend of the drop Isobe and I first heard the title track of this EP “Blow” it was at Dubfire’s epic grand opening of Marquee NY set.  For the next 6 months we obsessed and deliberated over what the “Secret Sci+Tec” track could possibly be.  I heard it again at Bijou Boston dropped once again by Dubfire himself, and then heard it countless times in recorded sets of his.  Finally we found out it was to be released by Sante and Sidney Charle’s under the title “Blow.”  Seriously, I don’t have words for this track outside of superb banger, the B-Side “Butt Head” is also excellent, but “Blow” is as anthem-like as dark Techno can get.  Enough talking, listen and buy, and when you hear “Oh Y’all Thought We Was Done” you tell me you don’t flip out…tell me.

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