Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Otherside (Third Part...

Third Party, the London based duo, have come out with a remix to Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s classic track “Otherside.” Third Party turns this cool, chill rock song into a house lover’s dream. They start with a silky smooth progressive buildup, which intensifies as it goes. I love the way the vocals work so nicely with an almost Swedish House-like buildup. The drop is pretty impressive, I really think it blends with an Alesso-SHM sound, but at the same time holds its own individualistic quality. Third Party are making serious moves with this remix, and I will be sure to keep on the look out for more of their tracks, check em out for yourself.


PS: the souncloud stream is from a live set, but if you click on the track title the official song is up for download.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Otherside (Third Party Remix)