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Art has always been an umbrella term used to encompass the various genres of creative expression in which we associate the term itself with. In the past century, the rise of media merged these worlds so that prominent individuals in their respective fields could be seen on covers of publications such as Vogue and Rolling Stone at the same time.

This was certainly not always the case, but as access to other mediums grew easier for artists and the appetite to create was growing larger as a result, the different artistic genres began to blend the boundaries that originally defined separate genres such as “fine art”.

Fast forward to the 21st century. With the added implementation of the internet and worldwide communication, the various arts and culture have clashed together so violently that for many, different genres have entered symbiotic relationships: impossible to exist without the other.

More specifically, for us at The Drop Media, we’ve been following the growing relationship between fashion and music. By this point, it’s not a strange concept, more and more musical artists and designers are collaborating to create unique projects that support each other’s unique visions. Artists are more aware of what occurs in the fashion world and vice versa. It’s not uncommon to see musical artists sponsored by fashion brands and these same brands openly receiving support through exclusive mixes or even orignal works from musical artists. Kanye West is a great popular example of this. And with our extensive travel, we have also noticed how different this relation can be depending on where you are in the world. And this intrigued us. So much so that we at TDM want to continue to foster this relationship and bridge the gap between the two artistic genres with hopes of pushing them both to new bounds. And so the concept of ‘In Your Neighborhood’ was born.

Created with the intention to document the artistic style of key cultural areas in prominent cities around the world and the local musicians that have been affected by this style, we at TDM will be traveling to cities that you live in to highlight these areas to the rest of the world. Between in-store performances, interviews with artists, other key individuals and the inhabitants that make up these cultural epicenters, you will be able to get to know the areas, brands and artists that affect the world.

For our first episode, we are in London and will be exploring its Soho area. Previously known for its booming sex industry, this area of central London has now left behind its early claim to fame in favor of the arts. Soho is littered with designer boutiques, West End theaters and is home to Chinatown as well as one of the biggest gay villages in London, a probable indicator of the level of fashion the area contains.

The way ‘In Your Neighborhood’ works is that we initially explore the areas on our own but we also want to involve the community and others willing to participate. So we bring in a local artist to perform on location in a specific area to further bring attention to the neighborhood and artist. Think pop-up parties for those who were around NYC back in summer 2011.

For this go round, we’ve selected Last Japan
as the artist to work with us. Hailing from South London, Last Japan studied musical production in London and is carving his own style out of the UK Bass sound that defines an entire sub-genre inspired by the city itself. Here’s his latest video:

And if you take a look at his Tumblr page, you’ll quickly realize why we selected him as the perfect example of the merging of music and fashion. You can read his full bio on the Facebook event page here.

The next introduction goes to the our gracious host for the event: The Candy Store Clothing. After establishing itself as a curator of cool in regards to street-wear at its original Birmingham location, The Candy Store expanded to its London location this past Fall and has managed to stay busy since day one. Already the store has played host to performers such as Darq E Freaker & Action Bronson. The store is located at 26 Berwick Street and upon arriving on location, it is easy to see why the fashion company chose this Soho location. Surrounded by similar fashion boutiques, record shops, fabric outlets and trendy coffee shops, The Candy Store seems to be in the heart of Soho. A perfect location for our April 12th performance.

If you want to follow our progress leading up to the online release or are in/near the London area and would like to attend the event, go ahead over to our facebook event page and feel free to join for the latest updates on everything ‘In Your Neighborhood’.