Pleasurekraft, John Digweed and Danny Tenagli...

I have learned this year more than any other that NYC is not simply a hub of the mainstream electronic music flooding the masses, but rather a hub of a serious underground techno scene I simply had yet to discover.  Attending many Verboten and BlkMarket parties featuring the best of new world techno/deep house etc I was excited for Made Events (the people who bring us Electric Zoo every year) to announce they would be bringing three legends in their own right to Governors Island.  Pleasurekraft, who we had the pleasure of interviewing at this years BPM festival down in mexico, a production Genius who we learned is also a phenomenal DJ this past Saturday.  John Digweed, a man who needs no introduction, a name synonymous with greatness and of course “DJing” for years.  And finally the great Danny Tenaglia, NYC’s house legend, the man who taught us that just because the sun is up does not mean the set has to stop.

Pleasurekraft kicked things off right when we got to the island around 6:30 and representing the younger generation of house music, he had big shoes to fill.  Stepping up to the plate opening up for two DJs regarded as some of the best of all time is no small task, but it was accomplished with flying colors.  Playing a mix of tech house infused with the Pleasurekraft sound featuring tracks like Tarantula, Skeleton Key (Featuring Green Velvet) and my personal favorite the remix of Myles Dyson’s Zooloo the whole crowd was moving and it was already clear this was going to be a phenomenal night of true house music.

In an effort to change the vibe and keep the crowd on its toes, rather than traditionally playing for 2 hours each, Digweed and Tenaglia decided to play two, one our sets each, alternating back and forth.  Digweed – Tenaglia – Digweed – Tenaglia.  These legendary DJs of a completely different generations brilliance truly shined through with this strategy, as they slowly built off each others sets.  Running through tracks and time going from a classic rave warehouse feel to a true all out tech banger drop, every emotion possible was hit by this alteration of legendary DJ sets.  Remember, both Tenaglia and Digweed not just have an arsenal of amazing tracks to play, but rather have years of experience on most other currently performing DJs.

We live in a time where House Music is booming, famous DJs are getting younger and younger, look at the success of SCNTST and Madeon, not even 20 years old.  We must take time to appreciate that there are legends in this field, although sometimes it is easy to forget that it is not just young people who love true techno and house music.  I truly have not felt the way I felt during Tenaglia’s final hour since the last time I saw Carl Cox, or perhaps Sven Vath.  House music and techno is the music of OUR GENERATION as Pleasurekraft helped prove, but the night quickly became one about respecting your elders.  Thank you to Made Events from our whole crew, keep bringing amazing legendary acts like this to NYC, we need them in times like this!