Paul Van Dyk on Pop Stars in EDM, and New Alb...

Paul Van Dyk, the legendary German Trance producer, talks about how Electronic music has exploded all over the world like Asia, Europe, and America. He notes that the major difference that has been going on in America is that the top 40 radio pop culture is taking a keen interest in the genre and artists like Usher and Rihanna are striving to become electronic artists even though they know they are not.


He also comments on the drug culture that stigmatizes the scene, and how its not that the drugs and their prevalence have changed, but rather that people in the present now have a better understanding of EDM than they did 20 years ago. PVD explains that back 20 years ago, journalist and people of the public didn’t “feel it, they ddint get it.” Their way of viewing it was that “in order to love the music, you need to be on drugs.”


In a recent Billboard article, Van Dyk also conveys his thoughts on Madonna’s whole “Molly” ordeal at Ultra Music Festival, and speaks of it being “counterproductive” to the dance music scene. He specifically had this to say about the matter, “I don’t think somebody with such a massive following and such an impact on a young audience should make reference to drugs in front of that young audience.” Madonna just wants to be in the spotlight and this mention of “molly” was her way of reaching out to the younger audience and influencing them in all the wrong ways. You hate to see the dance music culture move in commercial directions like this where the famed pop stars of yesterday are going to praise all the worst things about the movement. We need to look past the drug culture of the scene, and see the beauty and realness in the music, and I think Paul Van Dyk is a proponent in that.


PVD also expresses his positivity to how the technological advances have only been able to foster better production and performance. The creative process has expanded greatly and the advances in technology make the windows of opportunity almost endless for this genre of music. PVD’s got his new album ‘Evolution,’ which released earlier this year in April. He’ll be dropping many of the tracks from the album in his sets at Identity Festival. Check out the full stream of the album below, and don’t lose faith in Electronic music, its still at the forefront of becoming the biggest musical genre this worlds seen!