DJs For Obama!...

Read an interesting article on the LA Times yesterday, and its right around that time where Ive been thinking should I vote? Should I not? I just feel like I dont have enough political knowledge to make a real educated vote on this, but after reading this I might potentially have been swayed towards another 4 years of Obama baby. The LA Times had this to say..

Presidential campaigns have long micro-targeted messages for potential voters. But the Obama campaign’s newest initiative is competing with more sensory overload than is usual: The campaign is going after the electronic dance music scene.

The Obama campaign released a new Web ad Tuesday, “DJs for Obama,” that courts the EDM crowd and its artists as potential advocates for spreading its message to the masses. Locals including Dim Mak maven Steve Aoki and She Wants Revenge’s Adam 12 make appearances, and the ad draws a parallel between the uplift of mainstream dance music and the message of the campaign.

I guess Obama’s kids have been blasting too much Justin Bieber dubstep and house music, and realized this is actually a pretty big thing, but who would have figured? And I guess its pretty funny to see Steve Aoki trying to get all political on us, maybe all that rafting across crowds has sparked his political voice. We’ll see where this goes, but I’ve got to say it could work out in Obama’s favor with the young generation. What do you think?