New Remix From Lenkemz: Blow Yo Shit...

Chicago native Traxman is a god amongst men in the world of footwork, a relatively underground genre of edm music that has exploded from the confines of the Windy City and into international attention. Since signing to England’s Planet Mu with fellow ghetto house producers DJ Nate, DJ Manny, and DJ Rashad footwork has crossed the pond and invaded Europe.

British producer Lenkemz got his hands on Traxman’s Blow Yo Shit about a year ago and teased us by posting a two minute preview of it on his soundcloud for us to listen to. The remix has garnered the support from a wide spectrum of Djs from dubstep heavyweight Rusko to NJ club producer DJ Sliink. The track has now officially been released via Senseless Records’ bandcamp and can finally be heard in it’s entirety. The chaotic remix utilizes complex layers of drum loops piled atop each other, while allowing the traditional footwork kick drum pattern stand out. Paired with the over-the-top percussion are the sounds of children’s voices demanding you “clap you’re hands and say yeah!” and ultimately counting off before the drop, instructing you to “blow yo whistle!”. This track is huge and definitely worth the asking price, I highly suggest blowing up Senseless records band camp asap.