New Afrojack/Shermanology To Look Out For In ...

After their first track together, “Grindin” released I was a bit disappointed to be honest. However, that’s all changed after hearing this radio rip of what’s to come in the new year! “Can’t Stop Me Now” comes in with a vivacious buildup and such an Afrojack-esque breakdown. Dutch House is still alive people, and Afrojack and Shermanology are going to keep it that way. This track displays some similar qualities to Afrojack’s banger of a track “Take Over Control.” The vocalist on the track is Dorothy Sherman and she just does her thing alongside these great house producers. “Can’t Stop Me Now” is going to be an insanely great way to start off the new year, and is set to be released on January 23rd under Wall Recordings. I have a crappy radio rip up for download for now, but thats for all you EDM fiends out there who need their fix. Download at will, but if you want high quality sound wait to buy its release on the 23rd!


Afrojack, Shermanology- Can’t Stop Me Now (Original Mix)