Never To Late For Bromance...

Usually you know us and were on our releases as they come, but a distracting summer has led us to wait a minute on this post.  Last week Brodinski served up his third volume of Bromance Records singles and each volume seems to get better and better.  This specific edition features 2 tracks, each fresh and interesting.  Club Cheval brings us a kind of big room banger with a euro twist called “Now u Realize.”  And of course the big man himself Louis Brodinski put his latest single, and his second collaboration with vocalist Louisahhh!!! aptly named “Nobody Rules The Streets.”  Brodinski really did an amazing job of incorporating hard hitting acid/electro vibes with club friendly vocals anyone can chant.  Not necessarily a rehash of “Let The Beat Control Your Body” but rather an update, a summer 2012 version if you will.  Enjoy this LP and look forward to the 4th serving of Bromance as I know we all are.  Check out both tracks below and then purchase them on Beatport!

Download Bromance#3 – Single [Bromance] on Beatport NOW!