Monday Blues...

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a music dump post. However, it’s also been a hot minute since I’ve heard music I’ve felt is worthy of dumping on you. So, I’ve spent a little time searching through the internet looking for quality tunes for you to jam to alongside of your Monday blues.

Attaque – Light Falls

The beginning of Attaque’s full length LP, When Light Falls. This bad boy is a great way to start this dump playlist because it comes at you hard and fast, the exact thing you need on a Monday morning. It also starts up the LP, a feat that I respect heavily. When making a good album, one has to consider the cohesive qualities of the overall album. Having a song that either jumps at you to get your attention or builds up for anticipation for more killer songs later in the album.

Zodiac – Zodiac EP

I’ve had this bad boy on repeat for the last week. Completely different from his Weeknd productions, but still very unique and great. Pay special attention to the last track “138″. I guarantee that if any song, this one is going to blow up. Or atleast in all of my DJ sets :)

Scullious – Finding Myself (Ft. Stephanie Kay) {Free Download!}

Very melodic dubstep, bordering the liquid DnB genre. Very cool to walk around listening to during the earlier parts of your Monday when you see all of the other tired people around you with the same look on their faces from not wanting to go to class or work.

Surrender! – Volute

Another great cut from a good LP. Very frenchy in the best of ways. This track comes from Surrender!’s self-titled LP. Definitely worth a listen and buy.

Check out the music video as well!

Surrender! : Volute from Francis Wallis on Vimeo.

Bart B More – The Box/Glow EP Preview

This one is BIG. Keeping up with his hard-o techno/electro sound. Bart B More is releasing a new EP with two new tracks: The Box & The Glow on it. Can’t get enough of this sound. Get wait for the EP to drop. Perfect as your pumping out those last few hours of homework/work and ready to be done for the day.

OTIK – Fakey {Also, Free Download!}

A nice post-garage track by a producer/DJ that’s pretty unknown to me. I like his style though, very easy to get lost to. Or maybe doze off to during some Monday Night Football after another long Monday.

And so the day is complete! You’re now ready to take on the four more days until the weekend. Best of luck.

- S