Misha Kitone- Beyond The Rave...

Misha Kitone I have started to really hype up because hes a producer that I dont think is known enough in the blogosphere yet. Well this little number he released on beatport called “Beyond The Rave” has the makings of a true banger indeed. I compare the sound of his buildup a lot to David Guetta, and that is completely meant in the best regard. I really compare this to Guetta’s track with Snoop Doggy Dogg “Sweat,” at least in the buildup. However, the drop takes things on a different ride and can even be compared with Gregori Klosman or Deniz Koyu. I love this kid’s work and will be repping him all day. Give him a listen, you will not be disappointed.


Misha Kitone- Beyond The Rave (Original Mix)