Mirror Maru EP...

The second half of 2012 was ripe with the boom of 808′s and furious high hat rolls as trap music exploded into international attention. One Norwegian producer, however, adopted a sound all his own. Cashmere Cat, formerly known as DJ Final, once held it down for Norway at the DMC World Dj Championships from 2006-2009, but hit his stride in 2012 with the release of several remixes. From Lana Del Rey to 2 Chainz to Jermih, Cashmere Cat not only displayed the diversity in his influences but proved that he could remix virtually anything. Belgian record label, Pelican Fly released his debut ep back in October.


All four tracks sound unique in their own right, but the standout is, without a doubt, the title track, Mirror Maru. First dropped by Rustie during his highly regarded 2 hour BBC radio 1 mix, which aired in April, the song utilizes orchestral elements, such as timpani drums, elegantly mixed with slowed vocal samples and mesmerizing high hat rolls.However, the sample of a bed squeaking to an eight-note rhythm puts this song through the roof. In a year filled with Houston rap inspired Bangers, Mirror Maru sets itself apart, setting the mood for an intimate evening with a bottle of champagne, an open fire, and maybe a bear skin rug. This EP is not to be overlooked.

DJ Sheed