Milo & Otis...

I don’t usually get too excited about electro-house acts anymore. I feel like I’ve seen it all: masks, heavy baslines, dupstep breakdowns, rubbery bass, complex melodies, etc. It certainly gets old from time to time and I tend to look in different directions for cool music, however electro-house will remain my favorite electronic genre simply because when I do find something new and refreshing, I immediately find myself jumping up and down and needing to do nothing else except simply dance. This feeling occurred very recently after discovering the duo, Milo & Otis. Lovingly named after the live action late 80′s animal movie, about to two friends who happened to be a cat and a dog, this duo creates wonderfully uplifting and melodic tunes that carry the right amount of complexity while still managing to make unique sounds to inject in the middle, a trait I have almost admired. Per usual however, I will let the music speak for itself.

All three track are available for free download as well! Enjoy and show Milo & Otis some love!

- S