Miley Cyrus + Borgore = Brostep Match Made in...


Miley Cyrus — she of the new coif — has teamed up with Israeli dubstep producer Borgore for a new song. The track, “Decisions,” follows a formula familiar to fans of bro-step: spare and jingly buildups leading up to wobbly and self-destructive-sounding breakdowns that old people have been known to describe as reticent of dial-up internet.

Moving into electronic dance music (EDM) has proven a safe bet for a whole host of pop stars, from Usher to Rihanna to Paris Hilton. (Also, this dance remix of “Call Me Maybe” is promising.) And while those artists have had varying success (Rihanna: gold; Paris: dud), they generally stuck producers who are more melody driven.

What we have here in the form of “Decisions” are Miley’s backing vocals laced around a track that’s neither particularly inventive nor that cathartic. In fact, her singing is so subtle that we weren’t even sure this was one of her songs. Was it a publicity stunt by Borgore? After all, he did make a track with the chorus “All these b—-es wanna lick my ice cream.” But alas:
Then again, this song is about cake (“b—-es love cake”), so we do have to give Borgore some credit for sticking to a theme. There’s a remix pack available, featuring cuts by Dead Audio and Cedric Gervais, the latter of whom you may remember as the man behind “Have You Seen Molly,” a song that’s about MDMA definitely not about drugs, according to Madonna.
– HuffPost

The title pretty much says it all. Miley is thinking she is all hip with her new lezzie cut (which still mysteriously is attractive) so I guess she decided to do a song with Borgore.
Really though, you can even hear her until the end where she sounds like she’s on background vocal duty! This raises a great question: we’ve seen pop artists try to do dubstep (J.Biebz) but the production is always toned down for the vocals. So in this case where the production seems like a full-fledged brostep song, can pop artists vocals still dominate tracks?