Michael Woods- “Let The Games BeginR...

Michael Woods just put out his ESSENTIAL MIX and not surprisingly I was all over it seeing what hes got in store for us, and man does he have quite a bit.. He has two new previews of tracks that he is releasing on December 19th. One is called “Let The Games Begin” and the other “Full Access.” “Let The Games Begin” comes in with a sound that is a bit different from what I am used to from Woods. Definitely a great track, but I must say my ears are all over this other track “Full Access.” This track definitely is a predecessor to his banger of a track “No Access,” which was definitely the track that got me hooked to Michael Woods in the first place. Literally this buildup is massive and the drop even more so, it just hits so much like “No Access” you can’t help but get hyped.



Michael Woods- Let The Games Begin (PREVIEW)

Michael Woods- Full Access (PREVIEW)