Miami Noize 4 (Preview) [BoysNoize Records]...

Oh, its that time of year again, the time where we preview my favorite compilation album of the year.  For 4 years Miami Noize has had BNR try to bring a different vibe, a more Miami vibe, to the table.  And considering the success of the past 3 years, I think it’s safe to say the 4th will be the cherry on the cake.  Featuring tracks from the whole BNR crew as well as special guests, there is something for everyone on this album.  “Tekno,” Boys Noize’s own brand of Acid House, is something missing from the Miami scene, unless you look for it, and here it can be found.  Boys Noize has also announced to stay tuned because on March 23rd the infamous Miami Noize party will be happening during WMC, I would like to go on record, last year’s was the best party I ever attended, so this should be good.  The soundcloud link to the preview album is private for whatever reason, so you will have to make the effort to click the link below to preview it, but damn, looking at this track list, you probably already clicked.


1. D.I.M. – Scoping
2. Brad Lamborghini and JOHN G – Kernkraft 7000
3. Djedjotronic – Clamz
4. Etnik – Celsius
5. Jan Driver – Meow
6. Bart B More – Bounce Back (Boys Noize Edit)
7. Housemeister – Discoknutschen
8. Baskerville – Checker
9. Strip Steve & Ben Mono – Whut
10. BS1 – Mists Of Time
11. Audionite – Snype
12. SCNTST – Sun King