Marco V- Analogital (Original & Remixes)...

Dutch producer, Marco V, has released his latest track “Analogital,” a progressive, big room house gem that hits hard on the club floor. The drop literally will blow your mind because it’s so unexpected. The heavy bass almost gives off a monstrous quality that literally engulfs your entire body. The big room gem has definitely caught the attention of several artists, and so of course there had to be some remixes. Hard Rock Sofa and Bassjackers both do their own rendition of the track, and man do they just blow it out of the water. Ill let you hear out the original first down below, then lead you into the two fantastic remixes that you are about to hear. Also help support these artists by buying the tracks on Beatport!

Hard Rock Sofa released their latest original, “Quasar,” which was featured on the Drop not too long ago, and it demonstrates how professional this Russian duo really are. Now they have taken it upon themselves to give us a remix of Marco V’s track, and really emphasize all the great parts of the original, but then hit us with a Hard Rock Sofa original drop. The hard hitting bass and upbeat tempo of the track make you wish you were hearing this in the club setting every second. Artists nowadays are really getting into the rubbery bass that I always die for, but Hard Rock Sofa have been able to produce it in such a unique way that no one can really call them imitators. The second drop especially emphasizes the hardest hitting bass you can imagine, so please if your into rage music with a nice touch of uplifting house, this is most definitely a remix for you.

Now onto my other favorite duo of 2012, Bassjackers. After first hearing their track “Mush Mush” there was no turning back, and thankfully they still have yet to disappoint me. Their remix takes a different tone than Hard Rock’s, changing up the build from the original. Hearing that build up rise and rise gets you too amplified for the drop, and then it goes off and has you rocking your head and body all night. Love the Bassjackers, but if I did have to choose the better remix I would have to go with Hard Rock Sofa on this one, but both are fantastic and worth a download no question. Also seriously download the original, its just as fire as both of these remixes. Enjoy!