Lots of Songs Because I Feel Like It...

Sometimes I feel like writing an entire post for one song is overkill. So here’s a bunch with only a little written about them so you can enjoy them even more.

Dandy Riots x Boko – Devil Inside

This one comes from Designer Drugs’ label Sex Cult Records. Dandy Riots & Boko use ear piercing synths and grainy vocals to give off a…”rebel feel”? I don’t know. It just makes me want to go break shit and throw molotov cocktails into store windows. Very effective electro. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Digitalism vs Tommy Trash – Falling

I really like the music video on this one so I decided to put it up instead of the normal sound cloud. I’ve been a huge fan of Tommy Trash and his sound, he really tore up the remix game this past year by seemingly releasing a new one every week. In doing this though, he sort of…stuck to his sound. Bluntly, shit sounded the exact same after awhile BUT I ate it up and ran with it so not too much of a problem. Until you could tell he must’ve thought so too because he then came out with “Ohrwurm”, it still hurts my ears thinking about that track. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard, bleh. (P.S. the dude in this video is completely fucked in the head. No hesitation, just straight down.) (P.P.S. Found this one in the recommended videos. Watch the entire thing and get back to me.) Well he’s come back with something new it looks like along with Digitalism. Kinda different, still very cool. Glad to see Digitalism again too, it’s been like, what? Five years? (Looks like they came out with something in 2011…whoops.) I guess learning to actually play real instruments takes time.

Moon Boots – Sugar

This one if pure pop-sugary disco goodness. Great female vocals, slow 80′s disco stabs and some phasing “ooohhahhh”‘s in the background. With a name like Moon Boots I knew what I was getting into from the get go. Same label as that Claes Rosen guy Rohan was talking about the other day. Hmmm, we’re going to have to keep a look on this one. [Free Download]

The Great Flood Catastrophe-Fallen Love (Kill Paris Remix)

NEW F*CKING KILL PARIS! He was talking about this one in the interview we did with him a few days ago, (The article will be up soon-ish I promise!) apparently its a remix of a friends band. What a classy guy. Typical Kill Paris, making real sexy beats too. He definitely has been hanging with Dillon Francis too. You can hear that vocal pitching that Dillon did in a lot of his earlier work. [Free Download]

LOL BOYS – Changes (Shlohmo remix)

Speaking of sexy beats, Shlohmo just made it get reaallll hot and heavy in here. I know EXACTLY what I’m playing later tonight, this gem has been bumped up pretty high in my emergency baby making playlist. The actual one is pretty set though: Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly, Otis Redding, etc. The legends.


BNR veteran D.I.M. is set to release another EP full of banging techno hits on AUG 27th 2012. Does the first track remind you of Diplo’s – Express yourself too?

- S