Knife Party’s New EP- “100% No Mo...

Knife Party have emerged from the grapevine of EDM only recently and have already made massive strides at becoming the face of hardcore dub. They’re new EP “100% No Modern Talking” takes things to intense levels, full of hard hitting drops and loops which will get any stadium roaring. The tracks on the EP: “Internet Friends,” “Destroy Them With Lazers,” “Tourniquet,” and “Fire Hive” all have with them an arsenal of electronic and dubstep sound. I cannot stress enough how essential this EP is for people who are looking for pure rage music, sound you can pretty much lose all morals to. Finals may be coming along, and winter break seems just around the corner, so if your feeling in a rut and want to get a little reckless then this should be the first thing you listen to. Check it out and dont forget to take some breaks from work and studying, music cures everything.


Knife Party- Internet Friends

Knife Party- Fire Hive

Knife Party- Destroy Them With Lazers

Knife Party- Tourniquet

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