Kill The Noise’s EP “Kill Kill Ki...

Kill The Noise has some insane Dubstep/Electro House in every track he puts out. His new EP “Kill Kill Kill” released today under OWSLA, a label that has been supporting artists like Zedd, Porter Robinson, and many more. My personal favorite on the EP is his original track “Talk To Me,” which literally just emanates hard hitting BASS. The bass of this track will literally consume you. We also have Dillon Francis and Alvin Risk remixing the main track off the EP “Kill The Noise” as well as Koan Sound going in on a remix of “Deal With It.” With artists like these respecting this EP enough to remix these tracks, you know there is some major musical clout behind Kill The Noise’s sound. Kill The Noise is on his European tour right now, doing several shows with Skrillex, but also on his own. You can check out his tour dates on his facebook page HERE. It’s Thanksgiving people, and as much as I believe in having family time and giving back, make sure to mix in some rage! If you decide to come to your senses and do so, these tracks are definitely going to help do that for you.


PS: All up for free download by clicking on the track.

Kill The Noise- Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix)

Kill The Noise- Kill The Noise (Alvin Risk Remix)

Kill The Noise- Deal With It (Koan Sound Remix)

Kill The Noise- Talk To Me