Kelly Clarkson- What Doesn’t Kill You (...

You cant help but love Christmas time, its a point in the year where everyone is in the holiday spirit and is willing to just give and give and give. Well Nicky Romero, being a gregarious guy himself, has decided to drop a preview for his upcoming remix as a gift to all of us. Nicky never ceases to amaze me, one of my all time favorite producers out there, and he is still consistently bringing in new bangers. I don’t think I have seen this guy slow down since he got big, and it doesn’t look like he will anytime soon. Enjoy your X-Mas droppies, and listen to this great new remix. Oh and also the release date is set for January 9th! So be on the look out, we’ll have that ready for you guys once we’re back from CANCUN, MEXICO for The BPM Festival!


Kelly Clarkson- What Doesn’t Kill You (Nicky Romero Remix) *PREVIEW*