Justice – On’n’On (Brodinsk...

Well if I hadn’t already got enough Christmas presents this year, Brodinski decides to drop this BOMB of a remix on us. Brodinski has such a crazy style, raving out to the max is how I feel about it. Giving off a similar feel as “Let The Beat Control Your Body,” but with a little more darkness and tech involved. The combination of the indie styled vocals Justice do so effortlessly, and Brodinski’s classic finesse make this a banger for the ages. I will be bumping this on repeat for some time, mad respect from The Drop Media for Brodinski. I still believe he was the best live set I have ever experienced, so check out his music and if you aint heard his stuff, your crazy..


Justice – On’n’On (Brodinski Remix)

Need a New Year’s resolution? Buy Music! You should support Brodinski/Justice and go buy the remix!

Justice – On’n’On (Brodinski Remix) Beatport Link