Jupiter Jazz “Booty Jazz EP” [Ell...

Maceo Plex and Danny Daze’s new side project Jupiter Jazz is catching a lot of attention from the right people.  And why shouldn’t it…its Maceo Plex and Danny Daze…did you catch that part of who the group is made up of…Maceo Plex…and Danny Daze…ok so now that were past that.  The second release from this partnership of punk phenomena “Booty Jazz” features 3 tracks, “Shake it Mama” “Technology” and “Good Girl.”  The first of which is probably my favorite tune, but I am much more into tech than deep house.  Deep house in my mind is split up into two sub categories, daytime and nighttime, and “Technology” is certainly the daytime edition here, while “Good Girl” takes you into that deep scary place Deep House sometimes dares to venture.  Overall, I think it’s safe to say your gonna hear one of these tracks in Miami, if your going to the right events that is.

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