Jesse J- Domino (Idriss Chebak Rework)...

People are not getting on their EDM game hard enough, because I go and look over at my Moroccan man, Idriss Chebak’s Facebook page, and the dude only has like 500 likes? This is something that will change pretty damn soon after you hear his remixes and reworks. A couple months back I wrote an article on his remix of the classic Dirty South track “Alive” that put together an acid house buildup and progressive, big room drop all into one epic creation. Check it out here if your interested in hearing that masterpiece. Now I got another fantastic rework from the young artist and its of Jesse J’s “Domino.” A beautifully orchestrated buildup with the vocals flowing so smoothly with the beat. You listen to it thinking its just another fluffy progressive house track (not saying thats bad) but then shit  hits the fan half way through into a dubby, upbeat, dance-filled drop that anyone can enjoy. I cannot tell you enough how much I respect Mr. Chebak, and every chance I get to hear a new track of his ill be on it. Listen to this new rework and please do not hesitate to download.


Jesse J- Domino (Idriss Chebak Rework)