Its Humpday Dumpday. Time to Dump Em...

Let’s kick it off by bringing back the funk. Who doesn’t love some classic disco? James Egbert gives us an electro take on one of my favorite vintage tunes from Earth, Wind, and Fire… you guessed it, September. Now if you don’t like the original, I don’t know what you’re doing, but regardless, I highly recommend listening to this one – let it whisk you back to ’78.

While we’re still in the 70s, lets talk about the latest release from Kill Paris on his soundcloud. This track “Baby Come Back” samples the 1978 song of the same name by the smooth rock band Player, another 70s classic. Back when we talked to Kill Paris, Spurge asked him about his thoughts on baby making music. He has since made an entire mix devoted to the “genre”, for lack of a better word. Well he hasn’t stopped thinking about the term. In fact, he used the term for the soundcloud genre in this track – maybe Spurge should consider a career in inception. It truly is sexy, and just to reiterate I really love the sample he uses in this one. Great Tune. Just to make our time travel back to the future more smooth, I’m also including an older Kill Paris track called Forget Me Nots, which heavily samples the song of the same name by Patrice Rushen in 1982, a personal favorite.

Moving on, here’s a fresh track that a friend showed me earlier this week. It’s nice and housey, with a self-proclaimed Daft Punk feel to it. I’m not gonna deny the DP influence, it’s quite evident. When it drops though, Sadies Bens definitely makes the song their own. No question, its a worthy track.

I’m just gonna go with the disco-y vibe I’ve been feeling today. Here’s Lenno‘s NuDisco take on Foster The People’s “Helena Beat”. As Lenno himself states on his soundcloud, he “retained the awesome pop chorus but changed the instruments to pumping nu-disco”. Its such a catchy song, I really can’t help but love it. Better than the original? I’ll let you decide.

Next up, we have another Spectrum remix. If you’re sick of the song, tough, because I still love it, and Savant’s remix is probably my favorite remix, although its not that well known. Seriously this dude is a whiz. I’ve been listening to it a ton lately and wanted you all to have the opportunity to do the same. Do yourself a favor and just give it a listen, I promise you won’t be sorry you did. (Note the free DL).

I want to add on to what Ro said in a previous Dumpday post about Russ Chimes. He is really on his game, just such a talented individual. This guy is one of my favorite UK producers, and this song is fucking SICK. Its an oldie, but I’ve been playing it non-stop this month and just can’t get enough of it. He takes Kelis’ “Scream” and completely transforms it into a new and far better rendition. In case you’re not already familiar with the song, press play and enjoy.

Ok well now I’m in a UK house mood, thanks Russ. Anyone down for some Mark Knight? My other fave UK chap, Knight always makes me want to groove. Here’s another oldie, a remix of Groove Armada’s “Love Sweet Sound”, courtesy of Mark Knight and Funkagenda. Talk about Baby Making Music… if those moans don’t get you going, I don’t know what will.

I’m gonna leave you folks with one last song that’ll hopefully get your feet moving. This one’s from A-Trak and Zinc, featuring Natalie Storm. Upbeat and energetic are the only words I really need to say about this one. Hope everyone got a little something from this week’s dump! Peace, amigos.