It Aint Swedish House Mafia, But It’s S...

Brilliant, a Swedish House duo composed of members Robbin “Raaban” S√∂derlund & Marcus “Leo Wenji”Wennesj√∂,” have come out with their latest EP. These two tracks create a synergy that is may I say a “brilliant” combination of lofty, but hard sounding progressive house with “Action Mode” with also a tremendous hint of electro house in the second track “Higher.” The duo have jumped in on their first major venture off Zouk Recordings, and these two solid tracks prove their worth amid the hordes of perky Swedish contenders currently doing the rounds. It aint Avicii, it aint Swedish House Mafia, its just two brilliant producers giving us a taste of what’s to come in the near future. Go out and support Brilliant by liking/following their fan pages, and buying this incredible new EP!