Ian Carey, Timbaland, Brasco, Rosette- Amnesi...

Ian Carey and Timbaland’s new track “Amnesia” has just released on beatport, along with a new remix from Cazzette as well. The Drop figured you guys want as much music as you can get, so we got both of these massive new productions for you to download. Ian Carey does not get enough respect/acknowledgement from the EDM scene, at least in my opinion. He has been around for quite some time, I believe he started working as a record producer around 1998, but hasĀ  been DJ’ing for almost twenty years. He has some great progressive house sound, with the combination of Cazzette’s darker, more dubstyle sound this is quite the package deal indeed. Also any track that you can see Timbaland on is a guaranteed banger in terms of its production. The man is a genius in his field and has been since he stepped into the game. Anyway, enjoy some fresh new beats, and keep coming back the place that’s bringing you the latest and greatest in EDM, The Drop Media baby.


Ian Carey, Timbaland, Brasco, Rosette- Amnesia (Original Mix)

Ian Carey, Timbaland, Brasco, Rosette- Amnesia (CAZZETTE Another Sugar Hunt Mix)