I Like You, But Your Krazy...

My original DJ Partner (Back from the DJ Joey K and Krazy + Kraz days) DJ  Kraz has been releasing some Krazy bootlegs and impeccably technical mixes as well.  Something I love about this guy is his track selection is unlike any other DJ you know.  He will dig deep into the depths of Beatport looking at charts on charts to find you truly underground, soulful, and funky house music.  And considering I have lived with this kid for two years, let me tell you first hand, no other so called ‘Bedroom DJ’ has as much mixing skill as this guy does, seriously, I’d pay to see him in a club, and I’m flat broke, keep that in mind.  So keep an eye on this guy with his Soundcloud page here and check out these 3 dope bootlegs of Drop Media approved tracks, and his Summer Jam style mix, because its never to late to relive the summer days.  We will keep you posted on DJ Kraz as he releases more stuff exclusively at The Drop Media.

Download: Pa Ra Ra At Night

^ Out Of The Dark/Raining (Krazy Bootleg)

^ Camorra (Krazy Bootleg)

^ Summer Vibes Mix

BONUS: You may remember this posted on Drop Media Mix Monday’s facebook page last month, but check out this B2B mix done by myself (Cuervo) and Kraz

^ We Love That Shit (B2B set)