Hold Your Breath For…Christian Dubstep!...

Christian Dubstep

There’s a market for everything I suppose. I’m not even hating, like if this were professionally produced and still spread the word of Jesus Christ then more power to it, but that is not the case here.

I originally just shared this, via our FB page for a good laugh but then realized, after sifting through the amazon.com page, that there needed to be more said about this release. Actually not even that, there just needed to be a platform for what has already been said about this release. The comments for this digital release are hysterical and I thought I’d shared some with you.

And keep in mind that a few months ago, a Christian blog totally shredded Skrillex, Prince of Brostep, by saying he “used satanic and homosexual influnece to win his grammys”. Apparently Skrillex is Latin for “Homosexual Satan Wasp”??? Link. And now they’re all about dubstep?!?!? Bandwagoning mother-fathers.

Anyways back to the feedback on this release:

“It was awesomely horrible and I feel like less of a person for listening to it.”

“First I have to say that I am a Christian and I like Dubstep, But worship songs and dubstep apparently do not mix because this music makes me angry…Second, the sound quality is terrible, and the mixing is worse. I have heard better sounding live recordings off of a cell phone. One thing that I find interesting is the need for Christian dubstep… As a Christian and a lover of music, this cd brings shame to Christian music and will most likely offend someone who actually listens to and likes dubstep.”

“This is not even dubstep. It’s very poorly edited, and it is an embarrassment to real dubstep. If god was real, this wouldn’t exist.”

“This is just the most awful thing I have ever heard. Despite the fact that it’s Christian music, which automatically makes things preachy and unbearable, this is also the most poorly produced electronic music I have ever heard in my life.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous. Not only is this not dubstep, but the gratuitous use of horrible autotune, terrible composition, and unedcucated mastering makes this an awful, awful creation. If jesus was real he’d tell you not to listen to this garbage. A word of advice to those who put out this ‘album’: seek another hobby.”

“Yea, so this is probably the worst electronic music I have ever heard, and I have listened to Tiesto’s “Parade of Athletes”

(This guy gave it 5 stars) “Keep in mind that all of this music is one of the first attempts for christian dubstep music. I think they did great for a first time thing and that it can only get better from here! Keep up the good work!” – Jesus’ Pet

^ I think that last one was trolling? Not too sure…Jesus’ Pet is kinda creepy though.

Even fanatics are chiming in!

“He was IN the Places WITH the PEOPLE.
He didn’T spend all His Time chanting to His GrandparenT’s music! Seriously, wHo listens to 18th Century Pipe Organ Music on a daily basis? wHat radIo sTaTion would make iT if They could Only pLay whaT’s in MOST MainLine Churches at 10:00 on Sunday MOrning? Even Those Churches are hearing the Wake-Up Call ThaT They musT grow wiTh The Times To reach each NEW GeneRaTion.
Every peRson on earTh craves the WORD in Their OWN Language.
If dUbsTep speaks To YOU, This IS FOR YOU!”

Someone attempted a track-by-track review:

Apparently, poop, times poop, equals this.

“The first track is a collection of fart sounds set in nauseating opposition to Enya-like synth.

The second track sounds like a bad impression of the Thompson Twins, horribly processed by an auto tune amateur. With mandatory wub wubs to qualify as dub step.

I could listen no further.”

And finally:

“I was a devout follower of our lord and savoir Jesus Christ until listening to this CD. Now I’m having baby eating parties with all my new Atheist friends.”


P.S. the girl modeling the christwire t-shirt. EW.