Heroes & Villians- Original Choppaz (Ori...

Yo Trap music fiends alike, I got you something for your daily dose of hip hop inspired trap beats. Heroes x Villians¬†who were on the first episode of Certified Trap have this hard hitting, yet weirdly catchy trap original that will get you bopping and rolling all night. Hailing from one of the Hip Hop capitals of the country, ATL, Heroes x Villians are stepping into this new wave of trap music to represent their hip hop roots, and show people where dance music is headed. I must say this original just seems to fit their motto, “We’re only interested in making music you can fight or strip to…” Well can you feel the fury yet? The fight in you? The strip in you? Bump this track and I’m sure all that will come out. CHOPPAZ CHOPPAZ!