Hardwell’s New Talent, Dyro, EXCLUSIVE ...

Dyro, who was posted a little while back for his epic track “Daftastic” off of Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings new EP has done it again with another great set of progressive house previews. Both of these tracks hold some heavy Progressive sound that will get any dance floor poppin’. The guys over at Revealed had this to say about both tracks, “The fierce cutting electro bassline and big synths theme make this track stand out and shows what Big Room is all about! After the break he introduces the heavy saw sound and is constantly switching back and forth, but always keeping the energy level high! ‘Magno’ is another banger, working with a big hook theme and matching bassline, keeping the energy high Dyro-style. It wont take long before this name will burst onto the prog/electro scene big time!” Both of these tracks are really extending the reach of EDM music and I am sure that Dyro will be a name that all will know soon enough. Keep providing support for these big up and comers because EDM is all about the novel sound, and these two tracks are here to exemplify that. Give Dyro some love on his pages here: Dyro Soundcloud, Dyro Facebook, Dyro Twitter. The tracks are set to release on December 5th, so be on the look out and show your support by buying the tracks off beatport when they release.


Dyro- Metaphor/Magno EP off Revealed Recordings EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS.